Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When life happens....

You may stop blogging ! lol As such I did, well not exactly, I stop blogging on here but started a new one  but I do like blogger so im back and will continue to update offend.(at leats once a week. 
So lets move on.
I love cartoons,animation,claymation & stopmotion, I also love to draw and if I could which I can, I do this with the kids that I come into contact with.
so stopmotion here we come.I have about forthy five min. to an hour a day with about five to ten kids a day.I have to engage them pretty quickly.
Like most they frown a pond writing begin that they were in school all day and about an hour or more doing H.W. When they enter my room writing is the last thing that they want to do is write.
So we start off by building up a character. Make anything they want.
That usually gets the ball rolling.Once they have a character or object that they like then we can move on to creating a story.
We will brainstorm for half of the class then I will hand out paper pencil and a folder for each student to put their work in when they are done.
That's usually how it's done.

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