Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another snow day! YEAH!!

This snowy season is really giving me some extra time to stay home and play with some clay which isn't such a bad idea. Some of my student want to build there clay people with armature inside, so its my challenge to design a model that they can build. So here is  what I've come up with  first  I've built a wire armature and I  hot glued some "L" shape brackets for feet.

wire armature with "L" brackets hot glued for feet

then I hot glued foam around the wire leaving the feet exposed

here's another one with a triangle Styrofoam bottom half this will be a girl

my round Styrofoam head which i will use for the face and paint it

made some holes for the eyes to sit in also using pip cleaner for hair

using clay for shoes helps the puppet to stand also I have "T" pins that goes right thru the clay for extra support and the top of the "T" pins can be cover with the clay

I build a stage using Styrofoam so the puppets can walk & the students can move them without the "Tye down " method

ok so heres the look
so this is about it i have to figure out how to make the hands and mouths,


JON said...

Great results. I love the character on the right!

jriggity said...

awesome puppets!!